We design the games of tomorrow, today

We are a game studio filled with dreamers, designers, builders and storytellers. Together, we create the next generation of games set at the convergence of physical & digital, blurring the lines between fiction & reality.

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Mobile gamers, meet hardware

Our hardware platform enables the creation of transcendental game experiences by blending connected objects and mobile devices to form unique, immersive worlds and stories.


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Beasts of Balance

Stack magical Artefacts in precarious towers to create digital worlds bursting with life on your phone, tablet or TV! Beasts of Balance combines award-winning digital and physical gameplay with beautifully designed Artefacts in a premium game the entire family will adore.

visit beastsofbalance.com

Seven Sails

tactical single-unit war game about pirates

Play as one of the seven deadly pirate captains as you fight to control the high seas. Gather treasure from remote beaches, strengthen your ship with your plundered loot, and battle enemy ships on the ocean waves in a fight to be crowned the Pirate King!

Launching Summer 2023

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Games Built with Heart

Everyday, we learn from the past, as we live in the present and obsess over the future. So we can build games that are different, games that matter. We are the bridge between today and tomorrow. Everything we do, we do with heart.

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